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SFaB online course


About This Course

Support Family Business project’s main goal is the production of a high-quality VET microlearning programme, focused on Family Business and its uniqueness compared to other types of business. As Family Business play an important role in the EU market, and with few existing literature regarding its specific features, this project aims to fil this gap. With the “SFaB – VET” training program understanding of the special needs of a family business will be achieved. 

The SFaB educational programme covers the basic concepts related to the administration of family firms, as well as the different processes and tools that are useful for the effective handling of these companies. 

It is a programme aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, members of family businesses, professionals involved in the world of family business, and policy makers. It is also aimed at recent University graduates who wish to acquire knowledge on Family Business management.

The SFaB programme intends to provide students with a framework for learning and understanding the nature, importance, and uniqueness of family business. Family business, which are the backbone of the economy in the majority of countries, are facing challenges in the following fields:

  • Lack of entrepreneurship education and specific educational frameworks for family business management. 
  • Unawareness by family firms of the importance of the succession planning. 
  • Balance between the family, ownership, and business.
  • Difficulties in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce. 

The aim of the programme is to develop a framework for learning and understanding the nature, importance, and uniqueness of family business in the target countries. 


The course has no specific prerequisites.

Course Staff

Dr. Ioannis Kinias

Ioannis Kinias is an Assistant Professor of Business Policy and the Director of the Research Laboratory of “Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovative Education (M.E.I.E. Lab.)”, in the Department of Business Administration of the University of the Aegean. He graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2002), holds a Master’s degree (MSc) in Engineering Management from the Brunel University (UK) (2004) and a Ph.D. in Business Strategy from the Department of Business Administration in the University of the Aegean (2012). He has also completed a Post-doctoral research (Post Doc) in Business Policy, in the Department of Business Administration, in the University of the Aegean, as a Research Fellow of the State Scholarships Foundation (2013-2015). He has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the University of Central Greece (2013) as well as in the University of the Aegean (2013- now). His research interests focus on the fields of Entrepreneurship, Family Business and Business Strategy and his manuscripts in these fields have been published in academic journals and presented in international conferences.

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